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Online Acquisition Questions

505 Internet Marketing provides a host of services for New Customer Acquisition Online for any line of business Local SEO company Albuquerque NM by 505  Internet Marketingyou may be in. Having a system to manage customer prospects and inquiries in today’s marketplace is vital to the success of your business. The best customer acquisition strategy is to focus on the most effective fashion of attracting targeted customers. In this regard, we ask you these questions:
Online Customer Acquisition Questions

  1.  What is the purpose of your web site?
  2. What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – that which makes you stand out from your competitors?
  3.  How are you attracting new potential customers to your site?
  4.  Once they find your site, what will make them stay on it?
  5.  Once they stay, what will make them contact you?
  6.  Does your site prove that you are “The Authority” of your line of business in your area?
  7.  Does your website get all of the above points across to the visitor clearly and concisely?

Defining the Customer Acquisition Process

We help you answer each of these questions when we determine the Best Customer Acquisition Strategy for you and your business. We cannot emphasize enough that a major portion of your marketing budget should focus on improving your Customer Acquisition Online. Everyone is now using Online Local Search and we have seen time and time again our clients benefit from more targeted traffic to their website. This is fast becoming a service that sells itself as our Customer Testimonials validate. Take a look at what we can help you with:

Strategic SEO Planning – we create a marketing blueprint specifically for your business
SEO Site Evaluation – we make sure your site is optimized and search engine friendly
Link Building – we provide the best links to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic
Local Web Listings – We get you listed on top of Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing and so others …

Ultimately what we want you to realize is that applying the right SEO tactics to your website means FREE TRAFFIC. Yes we can help you with a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, but the more authoritative your site is, the better chance that Google and other search engines will rank you thus allowing more people to find you. Over time, the amount you spend on Customer Acquisition Cost will prove to be the most valuable part of your marketing budget and you will find huge savings over other outdated forms of marketing and advertising.

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