Local Web Listings

Yellow Pages are out!

Studies show that 82% of the population now search for a local businesses or services online. That is why we get you top listings on the internet so the majority of people can find you.  We include a variety of the primary search mechanisms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…  and incorporate the latest local web listing techniques. If your business is not listed with them, you simply will not be found online.

Finding your business in local directories, local websites, niche websites, and other local listing is key to increasing the business to the web property. Taking the time to find the right sites to be listed in is key to your success.  Knowing what sites your competition is listed in helps because we have to outdo them to beat them. We don't have to do a lot more, just enough to beat them to that first page listing.

Local web listing is what we do. Find your business in Dex.com, BBB, Foursquare, as well as many others.