Ongoing Maintenance

There is so much work to be done up front to fulfill your internet marketing needs and customize the web presence for your business. Once we have established this, we don't want those efforts to go to waste by giving it only a one-time consideration. Things don't often happen overnight given the way the web operates.  his is why we strongly urge all of our clients to allow us to maintain and build upon your web presence for optimal and continued results towards the expansion of your business.

What exactly is “ongoing maintenance” and why do  I need it?  I get asked this question repeatedly.

Ongoing maintenance is the portion of work we do after the website is built and is “live”.  Getting the site ranked is part of the ongoing maintenance. You see it on TV all the time, “Build a website and they will come.”  This is so untrue and it's not fair to even make that statement.

Without backlinks, article marketing, SEO, video marketing, social bookmarking and so much more, your site will never rank in the SERPs. That is what ongoing maintenance is and what we do.  We can also customize a plan to get your website ranking.  Our plans are customized to fit your budget.  In turn, this will drive traffic and sales to your site.  Once we start this process, we can add different aspects of ongoing maintenance to get your website ranking for more and more keywords.