Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC is an Internet Marketing model where you (the advertiser) will pay your provider (or search engine) ONLY when your ad is clicked. With search engines, you will bid on keyword phrases relevant to your target market. Some sites may charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

When you enter a search you will most commonly find a list of websites on the left side of the page and a list of ads on the right side. Each time you click on something on the right side, Google (or another search engine) makes money on the Pay Per Click bid amount.  The left side is where we focus most of our effort.  The reason is because a properly built website can get listed WITHOUT cost to the search provider.  However, there may be times you want to promote a certain campaign or even publicize ads on a seasonal basis.  We can accommodate you in this arena as well.

We can set up a plan to use either Google Adwords, Facebook or others if this is something you are interested in. This is a way to start to direct traffic to the new website prior to the SEO efforts kicking in.  It's also an  avenue to provide free traffic to your site.  It takes some time to rank in the SERPs.  PPC can be a solution in obtaining traffic until your site ranks.