Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the act of using  online communities, wikis, blogs, social networks, or any other collaborative Internet form of media for sales, marketing, and  public relations. The latest social media marketing tools include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, Flickr and commenting on selective blogs.

We can accomplish the following when 505 Internet Marketing includes the Social media marketing option for your business:

  1. We can create a buzz about news worthy events, videos, tweets, or even blog entries that attract attention, and become viral in nature. The ‘Buzz’ is the piece that makes social media marketing work. It replicates a message through user to user contact rather than through the purchase of an ad.
  2. We build in ways that fans of your company and brand can promote it themselves through various venues such as MySpace, Twitter, etc..
  3. It is conversational in nature and not fully controlled by any organization that hosts the social media, thus allowing for user participation and dialogue.