5 Secret Strategies to Improve youtube video marketing Today

5 Tips to Improve YouTube Video Performance

So how do you get more views?

Do you want to see more exposure for your video's?

I will be talking about a few techniques that might help you with the above problems that you are seeing.

#1: Monitor Your Target Audience to Reveal Commonly Shared Questions Your Videos Can Answer

To make your content marketing campaign successful, begin by understanding your audience. To develop relevant YouTube videos, pay particular attention to your customers’ concerns so your YouTube videos can address those topics.

Understanding what the problems are that your target market is seeing is critical if you want more views and engagement.

Knowing what people are talking about on social media can also aid in this. Sites like Quora can help to find some of the pain points that you might be looking for.

#2: Develop a Signature Production Style So Viewers Know What to Expect

Choosing a topic for your YouTube video is only the beginning. Your video also needs to cover that topic in a compelling way. To maximize video views, choose the right topic and create evergreen content that will withstand the test of time.

On YouTube, viewers expect a certain caliber of video. A shaky webcam and a haphazard script won’t cut it. Even if you’re filming a candid behind-the-scenes look at your business, your video needs a keen editorial touch and high-quality shots.

Having a standard online when doing Youtube videos is one of the keys. You have to talk about your topic in a way that will capture your market and hold them.

If you don't get their attention in the first 5 seconds, you have a good chance of losing them forever. So make sure that your content is compelling.

#3: Deliver a Strong Call to Share Via Cards and End Screens

A CTA is paramount if you want your video to generate leads. Your CTA might ask viewers to share your video, visit your website, or check out more videos. It should flow logically from your video content. Don’t try to sell viewers your cutting-edge software when they don’t even know what it does.

Until recently, YouTube Annotations were a common way to communicate CTAs to viewers. Annotations were semi-transparent speech bubbles, titles, notes, and so on that you could layer on top of your video inviting users to take a certain action.

Making sure that  you have a great CTA is going to make all the difference with your video's.

Having your viewers share your video, or maybe go to your website. Maybe you want them to view other video's of yours are all good calls to actions. 

Make sure to tell the people what you want them to do next. This is imperative in capturing your audience.

#4: Use Creator Studio to Optimize Your Channel and Videos for Increased Discoverability

Optimizing your YouTube channel and video makes it easier for people to find your content when they do a Google search. To optimize your account, create a Partner Verified account, which allows you to monetize your videos, upload longer videos, and upload custom thumbnails for your videos.

To access extra YouTube features, verify your account.

After your account is verified, you can optimize your video by adding a thumbnail. To upload a custom thumbnail, go into your Video Manager. Then click the Custom Thumbnail button that appears to the right of your preview.

Making sure that you have your channel optimized and also optimize your Youtube video also.

Make sure that you have keywords in the title and in the content. Use the creator to help with optimizing your video.  Verify your channel and then upload a custom thumbnail for your video.

#5: Promote Your Channel and Videos on the Platforms Your Audience Frequents

Finally, after you’ve uploaded the best video you possibly can, use your target audience research to promote your video in places your customers are sure to see. With Google Analytics, you can find out which social platforms your audience uses, and split testing can tell you what messaging they prefer.

Do your customers frequent Twitter? Better start tweeting away. Instagram? Include screenshots from your video and teasers that entice them to click.

And don’t stop there. Write a blog post to accompany and promote your new video. Embed the video in your blog and drive traffic to your website, and from your website to your YouTube channel. Encourage the customers you already have to start viewing your new video content.

The key is to promote your video to the channels that your customers are on and frequent.  Make sure to post the video to your blog first. Make sure that you are the owner.


All of this work pays dividends when you realize that time watched is YouTube’s most important metric in determining which videos viewers see.

The more people who watch your video through to completion (because you’ve done your homework), the higher your content will rank. And, of course, if your audience likes your content, they’re more likely to share it as well.